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AWG Training

AWG realizes that the technology landscape is ever changing at a feverish pace. Therefore, we have expanded our training plan to include, not only how to use our technology, but how to adapt the online feature as part of your business model. Many auctions are quick to put their business online, but don't really understand how to manage an 'online auction business'. Our formula is simple: Management, Execution, Marketing, and Education. Under these headings, we have structured a curriculum to help you get your new venture off the ground and keep up with technology now and in the future.

Our team of Product Marketing & Training Specialists provide thorough evaluations, targeting areas that may inhibit the growth of your online landscape making recommendations that will continually help you improve. If your company is acquiring online technology for the first time or transferring from another provider, our specialists ensure that your transition is smooth. We work with you to put an operational plan in place. In addition, you also receive a 6-month follow-up consultation to ensure that you are on a strategic track for growth? The only thing more important to us than delivering the most advanced technology is making sure our customers know how to use it!

AWG Operational Support

Production Support is staffed around the clock with qualified senior and mid-level Systems Administrators from our ISP Partners. Additionally, AWG monitors production systems with industry leading monitoring tools that identify their impact on the IT system and business-critical processes, automating problem responses to Technical and Application Support Personnel immediately. Automated full and incremental backups are performed daily, as well as, intra-day database snapshots to insure recoverability and integrity of our client information.

AWG Customer Support

AWG support is geared towards educating customers on troubleshooting and exploring the most beneficial tools within our system to fix. We understand that technology by nature and the turnover of users can affect the desired outcome of your business. That is why we have built automated features that allow you to isolate issues and fix them immediately. AWG also realizes that with so many 3rd party vendors taking their role in your business and interacting with our technology that it is mission critical to isolate, correct, and report any issues that may arise from within an integration structure. AWG understands that auction day is crucial, and during this high degree of intensity, we ensure that you are able to reach a live person. As a preventative measure our servers are continually monitored for latency issues and possible internet outages. Our goal is to ensure that your online business is fully operational at all times.